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Hi Family & Friends,

Today is our blog launch in the Health & Wellness Ministry and we’re excited about what’s up ahead! 

The Ministry is stepping onto center stage to answer inquiries and explore health themes that matter to you. As we grow together, our hope is to encourage achievement of your optimal health and wellness goals.

TICK TOC …too much to do, in too little time…

Time is so precious and our schedules are packed with a laundry list of ‘have tos’.  We’re knee-deep into it and there’s always more to do, endlessly!  Let’s call the situation what it is:  We’re stressed!

“O, My Soul…”

In the crossfire of daily distractions, we shift about in an attempt to meet schedule demands.  We worry on the way to sleep and again in the morning when we awaken.  We labor across the potholes of life which rob away our sense of balance and harmony. Our souls are left disquieted in the push and pull of everyday living.  So how might we fight our way out of this dizzying situation?


Fighting Back!

Breathe!… Again, breathe!
Shallow breathing is what we do most of the time. But there’s an option that we often don’t think about, often enough.  
Check your breathing.  If your stomach isn’t rising visibly when you inhale and flatten when you exhale, there’s a good chance you’re engaging in thoracic breathing. 
But with non-continuous, slow paced diaphragmatic breathing you breathe in and out more deeply. You experience more calm as the body takes in more oxygen resource and refreshes itself more completely. This breathing lowers your blood pressure and increases conscious awareness. 

The Fine Art of Refusal!

Say No! ….This next time, say it like you mean it. No!

Actually, time crunches can be lessened by knowing how and when to say “No!”

Women traditionally and inherently, fall into this dilemma more often.  Women are hardwired to be nurturers—to kiss away a child’s hurt when they stumble.   And to spontaneously be there sacrificially for everyone else.

But how is that possible always and in every situation?  

When volunteers are needed to do something which essentially “Anybody” could do, are you always the one to lend a voice or raise your hand? And not with first thinking through how full your plate already is with commitments and promises overflowing.

Somehow, women either didn’t get the memo.  Or they received it in a tattered, tampered envelop and decided we could glue all the pieces together.  And fix things. More than likely we probably could.  

But more important is getting in touch with the truth of the whole matter. For when our intent is pure, we are less inclined to entertain or enter the situation overloaded, irritable and stressed.   

You’re heading towards transformation, a change to establish the good habit of transformative behavior.  You have wisely and prayerfully decided to avoid adding another layer of needless stress.  Congrats & Celebrate!

Stay tuned in….for one more thing!

How does eating wholesome, real food—including raw foods, exercise, restful sleep and drinking good water—factor in?

[Okay, I cheated a little…on this one…!]

But it’s‘The Clincher!’  It’s the bonus package that follows in step with your prayerful petitions. It supports you in your willingness to go through the process of learning to hear your body speak.  
Find out the possible pathways in our next blog session.

Send an email…

Thanks for coming aboard our launch!  We’re promising that it won’t be just another“blah”-chat.  Your feedback is unique and deserves attention. Just shoot us an email, and express yourself as often and whenever you like. And look for a  response from Health & Wellness Ministry.  While patiently waiting, kindly keep in mind this supporting Scripture: 

Beloved, I pray that you prosper in all things and in health, even as your soul prospers” – 3 John 2 [NIV]