A Gospel-Driven Church: Empowered to Grow in Worship, Evangelism, Discipleship, Ministry and Fellowship
Our congregation was birthed in November 1984 with the theme “Everything Starts New at Calvary.” It is our conviction that the church is not a huddle for the holy but a hospital for sinners. The power of the Gospel of Christ transforms men and women so that lives that were tangled, tarnished, and troubled can become lives that are beautiful manifestations of divine grace and wisdom.
To celebrate the power of the gospel, our church focuses on six areas of biblical mandate:
We want all to hear about the provisions of Christ and how we can be saved through simple faith.
People who have been forgiven much, love much. Jesus told us that! Worship flows from a heart that has been recreated in the love of Christ.
Christian Education
Saved people need to be discipled in truth so that they understand sound doctrine and know how to apply it to their lives.
Each believer has a spiritual gift and will experience outrageous joy when that gift is discovered, developed and deployed.
Focus is fellowship. Building relationships of mutual edification and then participating in a community of believers that care for one another – that is the way we show forth the glory of God.
Outreach (Local & Global)
We are zealous to share the message of Christ with our neighbors and the entire world.